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The Top 5 Suburbs in Guwahati for Families: Ultimate Guide

Guide explores the top 5 suburbs in Guwahati for families with details on culture, amenities, schools, safety and more.

Are you a home seeker, thinking of relocating to the city with your family? Guwahati, serving as the doorway to the captivating Northeast, is more than just a city—it’s a lively canvas woven with culture, tradition, and a welcoming ambience. As you step into the thrilling search of discovering your new abode, let’s explore the top 5 suburbs in Guwahati for families. Read along to find relevant information to help you find your new home.

Checklist for Best Suburbs in Guwahati for Families

When looking for the best suburbs in Guwahati for families, several factors should be considered to ensure a suitable living environment:

  • Safety and Security:
    • Check the overall safety of the suburb, including crime rates and the presence of security measures, well-lit streets and a strong community presence.
  • Education Facilities:
    • Proximity to good schools and educational institutions is crucial for families with children.
  • Healthcare Services:
    • Access to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities is essential for any family. Consider the availability of medical services in the suburb.
  • Public Transport and Connectivity:
    • Evaluate the availability and reliability of public transportation options and proximity to major roads and highways for easy commuting.
  • Recreational Facilities:
    • Look for parks, playgrounds, community centres, and other recreational spaces suitable for families.
    • Access to sports facilities and cultural activities is a must.
  • Shopping and Amenities:
    • Assess the proximity of supermarkets, shopping centres, local markets for fresh produce and other essential amenities.
  • Employment Opportunities:
    • Check the job market and employment opportunities in the suburbs or nearby areas.
  • Cost of Living:
    • Evaluate the overall cost of living, including housing prices, property taxes, utility costs and your budget.
  • Community Atmosphere:
    • Explore the sense of community in the suburb. A strong community can provide support and a sense of belonging.
  • Future Development Plans:
    • Investigate any planned infrastructure developments or changes in the area. Also, how it may impact the quality of life in the long term.
  • Environmental Factors:
    • Consider the cleanliness and environmental conditions of the suburb for a higher quality of life.

1. Six Mile: Where Convenience Meets Comfort

Why Six Mile?

  • Proximity to key educational institutions like Karmashree Hiteswar Saikia College, Beltola College and Guwahati Public School.
  • Well-connected with a network of roads for easy commuting.
  • Abundance of parks and green spaces for family outings.
  • Easy connectivity to shopping hubs like City Centre Mall cater to your retail therapy needs.
  • Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra, commonly known as Kalakshetra, is a cultural institution in Guwahati’s Six Mile, Panjabari area.

Six Mile is not just a location; it’s a lifestyle. With schools within arm’s reach and a variety of recreational options, striking the perfect balance between convenience and comfort.

2. Kahilipara: The Heartbeat of Guwahati

What’s Special?

  • Centrally located with easy access to both the city centre and the outskirts.
  • Easy access to healthcare facilities like GNRC Hospitals, Dispur Hospitals, Downtown Hospitals, and GMCH ensures the well-being of your family.
  • The Kahilipara area offers a serene escape amidst the hustle and bustle of the city while still providing easy connectivity to Ganeshguri, Beltola and Lokhra area and beyond.
  • The area offers access to the market area of Ganeshguri and easy connections to GS Road, the hub of commercial centres in the city.

Kahilipara is the perfect blend of urban vibrancy and tranquillity making it an ideal choice for families seeking a good living experience.

3. Fatasil: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Why Fatasil?

  • Rich in cultural heritage with proximity to Temples.
  • Proximity to the Brahmaputra River offers breathtaking views and recreational activities.
  • A diverse range of housing options to suit different family sizes including premium flats at Ridhi Sidhi Towers.
  • Access to hospitals, schools, colleges, local markets, shopping complexes, sports complexes and stadiums. 
  • Easy access to Guwahati International Airport, Railway station and ISBT.

Fatasil has a mix of tradition and modernity, this suburb is a testament to the city’s dynamic spirit. Ridhi Sidhi Towers in Fatasil is strategically located near key landmarks, including Guwahati International Airport and Railway Station, As the city experiences rapid growth, this project by Ridhi Sidhi Group presents a compelling opportunity for premium living.

4. Ganeshguri: A Hub of Connectivity

What Sets Ganeshguri Apart?

  • Strategic location with easy access to the railway station and airport.
  • Commercial centres, Temples and markets make shopping a breeze.
  • Reputed schools and colleges ensure quality education for children.
  • A plethora of dining options catering to diverse tastes.
  • Prominent hospitals and health centres are located in this area. Also, GMCH is easily accessible.

Ganeshguri is not just a locality; it’s a gateway to convenience. With seamless connectivity and a range of amenities, this suburb ensures that your family’s needs are met effortlessly.

5. Beltola: The Green Haven

Why Beltola?

  • Surrounded by lush greenery, providing a serene living environment.
  • Educational institutions like, Beltola College and Royal Global University enhance the educational landscape. Also, schools like Delhi Public School, Axel Public School and others are well connected to this area.
  • Well-connected to the city while offering a peaceful retreat from the urban chaos.
  • Community parks, local markets and recreational spaces for family bonding.

Beltola is not just a residential area; it’s a green haven for families seeking tranquillity without compromising urban conveniences. Ridhi Sidhi Height, located near Beltola Tiniali in Guwahati offers proximity to key landmarks and essential facilities making it an ideal choice. Ridhi Sidhi Residency, another premium project by Ridhi Sidhi Group, is positioned conveniently in Beltola Tiniali, it reflects international standards in design and space utilisation. 

With the city’s growing infrastructure, these projects promise a fulfilling lifestyle in Guwahati. 


As you navigate the vibrant suburbs of Guwahati, each locality presents a unique tapestry of experiences. Whether you’re drawn to the quiet vibe of Six Mile, the cultural richness of Fatasil, or the greenery of Beltola, Guwahati has a suburb that resonates with your family’s needs.

Ready to Make a Move? If you’re excited about making one of these suburbs your new home, we’re here to help! Reach out to local real estate experts to explore the available housing options, school districts, and everything else that matters to your family.

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