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10 Divine Vastu Tips for Your Home’s Main Entrance

Invite positivity and prosperity into your abode with these 10 divine Vastu Shastra tips for your home's main entrance.

Our homes are far more than just physical structures – they are reflections of our very essence, our energy, health, and prosperity. According to the ancient Indian wisdom of Vaastu Shastra, the main entrance of a home holds immense significance, serving as a transitional zone through which cosmic energy flows in and out of the dwelling. By aligning our homes with these divine principles, we can invite the right kind of energy, harmony, good luck, happiness, health, and wealth into our lives.

The main door acts as a gateway, ushering in positive energy that permeates every aspect of our existence within the home. It is the very portal through which blessings and abundance find their way into our sacred spaces. As such, it is crucial to pay close attention to the design, placement, and maintenance of this vital entryway, ensuring that it is in harmony with the principles of Vaastu Shastra.

In the following paragraphs, we will explore 10 divine tips to help you build, correct, or enhance your home’s main entrance. By implementing these time-honoured wisdom, you can deflect negative energy and create an environment that is conducive to prosperity, peace, and well-being. Embrace these principles, and watch as your home transforms into a sanctuary of positivity and abundance.

Vaastu Tips for Entrance Door to Bring in Abundance 

Divine Tips #1 Door Direction For Success

The direction of the main door should ideally face towards the north, east, or northeast direction. Vaastu experts believe that these directions attract positive cosmic energy. Thus, doors in such directions bring a constant inflow of good fortune. However, you can correct the energies of the main entrance by placing helixes/pyramids to deflect the negative energies. Therefore, a lead metal pyramid/helix best fits a south or southwest-facing door. Also, a brass pyramid/helix is good for a northwest-facing door. You can deflect bad energy with a copper helix for a southeast-facing door.

Divine Tips #2 Bigger Door For Better Vibes

While constructing a house or selecting an apartment, see that the entrance of your house is bigger than other doors of your home. Also, take care to see that the door accessories are polished. To avoid creaky sounds, hinges must be oiled regularly. Check the main entrance for any missing screws or chipped wood. Also, keep the door polished and clean.

Divine Tips #3 Main Door Material Matters 

Vaastu experts consider wooden doors or teak wood to be the best materials for main entrances. Doors made of such materials can also correct negative Vaastu vibes if the door is in the wrong direction. Auspicious symbols not only look beautiful but also bring positive energy. So, draw the divine Swastik or Om symbol. It is better to avoid metal doors, as they attract negative energy.

Divine Tips #4 Mirror Placement

You should be extremely careful if you want to place mirrors around your house as they can reflect good and bad energy. Take care to never avoid placing mirrors directly opposite the main entrance. You should place it at a 90-degree angle to the door to bring in positive energy. Mirrors near the entrance create an illusion of spaciousness and reflect positive energy into your home. 

Divine Tips #5 Declutter for Positive Vibes:

Negativity breeds in a cluttered and untidy entrance. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the area well-lit, clean, and clutter-free. Don’t you feel positive vibes when you step into a well-maintained entrance? Therefore, follow Vaastu principles and remove obstructions like trees, utility poles, or other large structures around the main entrance. These obstructions stop positive energy and create stagnation and potential obstacles in life.

Divine Tips #6 Entrance Indoor Area Decor 

  • Water bowls filled with flowers at the main entrance not only add colour but also ensure a home attracts wealth and prosperity.
  • A clean area also attracts positive energy.
  • Natural beauty attracts positivity, wellness, and harmony.
  • Attract good vibes by installing vines, succulents, and green plants.
  • Avoid placing thorny plants as they attract negative energy and cause rifts between family members.
  • Integrate natural elements like potted plants or small water features near the entrance.
  • Plants bring in fresh energy, while water symbolises wealth and abundance.
  • Ensure the plants are healthy and vibrant, contributing to a lively and positive environment. Remove dead or wilting plants.

Divine Tips #7 Threshold Decor:

It is effective to decorate the entrance threshold or doorstep with Swastika or religious symbols. Such auspicious symbols add a touch of tradition and act as a positive magnet creating a harmonious atmosphere. Also, avoid placing open shoe racks near the threshold.

Divine Tips #8 Vastu-Friendly Colours:

Colours have a significant part in every area of the home. Different colours play a role in influencing the energy of a space. The colours of the main entrance should be according to Vastu principles. Therefore, select earthy tones like beige, light yellow, or green. Moreover, such colours create a calm and positive environment. Consequently, follow the colour wheel and choose the right combination of Vastu colours for your main entrance or door. 

Divine Tips #9 Bright Entrance Light:

The main entrance should be brightly illuminated. So, install a bright light fixture to dispel any negativity. Beautiful light fixtures enhance the aesthetic appeal and promote vibrant energy. Thus, the well-lit main entrance door of your home attracts happiness, warmth and prosperity. Moreover, visitors also experience positive vibes and happiness while visiting your home.

Divine Tips #10 Say No to Negative Symbols:

Carefully discard any symbols or artwork related to negative connotations. Thus, always avoid aggressive artwork, including animal prints or war paintings. Select calm landscapes, flowers and positive symbols reflecting harmony and well-being.


Now that you have a good idea about divine Vastu tips for your home’s main entrance. You can significantly enhance the positive energy and overall well-being of your living space. Vastu guidelines mentioned in this blog will help you attract peace and abundance if followed correctly. Although no one can follow every Vastu principle in totality, certain corrective measures are quite achievable for those who want to improve their home and make it an auspicious one. If you’re looking for homes designed with Vastu principles in mind, look no further than Ridhi Sidhi Group.

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Disclaimer: This article provides general information about Vastu Shastra, the traditional Indian system of architecture and design. The 10 tips presented here are intended for educational purposes only and are not professional recommendations. Vastu principles can be complex, and every property is unique.

Proper application of Vastu requires an evaluation by a trained Vastu consultant. While these tips may give you basic starting points, they should not be substituted for the personalised guidance of an expert. For accurate recommendations customised to your property’s specific needs, please consult a qualified Vastu practitioner before making any significant changes or renovations.