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Why Beltola Tops the List for Homebuyers in Guwahati

Beltola the top choice for home buyers in Guwahati

Are you looking for the perfect place to buy a home in Guwahati? Beltola stands out as a top choice. Moreover, it offers a blend of convenience and comfort. Its strategic location ensures excellent connectivity to the rest of the city, while its bustling weekly markets cater to all your daily needs. 

Beltola has a range of residential amenities and recreational facilities, with restaurants, malls and cinema halls Beltola is ideal for families. The area is gaining a reputation as a great residential place within the city. Moreover, this area boasts of reputable schools and colleges, ensuring quality education for your children. 

Explore why you can have a fulfilling lifestyle in Beltola if you consider buying a home in Guwahati here. 

Reasons Why Beltola Tops the List for Homebuyers in Guwahati 

Before you start looking for areas to buy a home in Guwahati, explore the top reasons why Beltola might be a good choice to consider:

Strategic Location

Beltola is located in the southern part of Guwahati, this prime residential locality is well connected through the National Highway 27 and residents are assured of a robust transportation network to various parts of the city. Moreover, Beltola offers a range of amenities within walking distance, including local weekly markets, schools, hospitals, banks, parks, and temples.

The Rupnath Brahma Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT) and Guwahati Railway Station are 10 km from Beltola. Guwahati Railway Station is just 10 km away, while the airport is 31 km away. Both are easily accessible by highways and roads throughout the city. Consequently, residents reach these destinations within an hour.

The residential cum commercial hub is conveniently placed on Simantha Path, National Highway 27. It is connected to the Bishnu Rabha Path, which connects it to the hockey stadium, Lokhra, and beyond. Beltola is near Dispur, Sijubari, Farm Gate, Bongaon, and Pator Kuchi. The Bhetapara-Ghoramara road connects it to Lokhra Chariali and connects roads to the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Maligaon, Jalukbari etc. Residents can also travel to Guwahati University and IIT Guwahati through the connecting Four Lane Highway. 

Educational and Retail Infrastructure

Beltola residents have easy access to top-notch educational institutions, well-equipped hospitals, shopping centres, car and motorcycle showrooms, sophisticated entertainment hubs, and more because of good communication and connectivity.

It has educational institutions such as the Purbottar Institute of Nursing, Public Free Educational Trust, Ascent Academy Junior College, NERIM Commerce College, and Damkan College Of Paramedical Science And Applied Technologies. Moreover, Colleges like Beltola College and top private schools and colleges are within reach of the area.


Beltola is a popular residential area because it offers more affordable living costs than other neighbourhoods in Guwahati. Rented apartments are comparatively cheaper than other places in the city. You can also live lavishly and be within budget in apartments or a spacious villa. The weekly markets offer comparatively cheaper vegetables and groceries than other markets in Guwahati. Commutation costs are also cheaper as the markets, schools and colleges are well connected through lanes, by-lanes and highways.

Secured Area

Safety and security are always the prime concern of families everywhere. Therefore, if you want to buy a home in Guwahati, Beltola is the best place as it offers safe residential areas. 

Social Living

Beltola offers community gatherings in the many temples, Naamghars and public areas. The various social organisations provide a sense of belonging to young professionals or families. 

Natural Beauty

Beltola offers lush greenery and scenic views within the city premises. The Basistha Temple area is a tranquil spot for religious visitors. Also, the Garbhanga forests offer trekking facilities to adventure enthusiasts. Moreover, the verdant greenery creates a serene environment. If you are a resident of Ridhi Sidhi Residency or Ridhi Sidhi Height, you will enjoy the living experience in Beltola.

Nearby Employment Hubs

The social & retail infrastructure, including educational institutions such as the Purbottar Institute of Nursing, Public Free Educational Trust, Ascent Academy Junior College, NERIM Commerce College, and Damkan College Of Paramedical Science And Applied Technologies has employment avenues. Moreover, the Matrix Mall, Reliance Market, and JDDS Supermarket are the major places that provide employment opportunities for locals.

Health Care and Hospitals

Many important medical centres like Central Nursing Home, Shankardeva Nethralaya, Agile Hospitals Private Limited, Patna Orthopaedic and Trauma Hospital, Aries Gynaecology Clinic, Unani Clinic Hatigaon, and ESIC Model Hospital provide good medical facilities to the residents of Beltola.


Beltola stands out as the ideal residential hotspot in Guwahati. This vibrant locality offers a perfect blend of modern living and convenience, with exceptional apartments like Ridhi Sidhi Height and Ridhi Sidhi Residency redefining the concept of luxurious and comfortable homes. The well-balanced environment provides access to essential amenities, excellent connectivity, and proximity to esteemed educational institutions, making it an ideal choice for families and professionals.

As Beltola continues to witness a surge in residential and commercial development, investing in real estate in this area presents a golden opportunity. With its unparalleled advantages, Beltola emerges as the clear frontrunner for home buyers and investors in Guwahati seeking long-term growth and returns.

If you’re still considering your options, the friendly team at Ridhi Sidhi Group is here to address your concerns and provide comprehensive insights. Feel free to reach out to us at +91 8822797071, and let’s explore the incredible opportunities that await you in Beltola, the crown jewel of Guwahati’s real estate landscape. We’ll guide you through the process, offering valid reasons and necessary details to help you make an informed decision.