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10 Vastu Tips to Invite Positive Energy In

10 easy Vastu Shastra tips to invite positive energy to your room.

In the chaotic modern lifestyle, homemakers are increasingly on the quest for a harmonious and balanced living space. Therefore, individuals are turning to Vastu Shastra which emphasises the connection between humans and their surroundings. The desire to invite positive energy in your home is about fostering well-being and prosperity. In this blog, we’ll delve into 10 Vastu tips to invite positive energy into your living space. Read along to learn how Ridhi Sidhi Group can help you achieve this positive experience.

How to bring in positive energy with Vastu Principles

Vastu Tips #1 Entrance Direction Matters:

  • The principles of Vastu Shastra, state that the main door is the gateway for energy to flow into your home. Therefore,  you must have an entrance facing the north, northeast, or east to harness the positive sun energy. If you explore Ridhi Sidhi Real Estate Builders apartments, you will notice the orientation of their properties which align with these auspicious directions. Thus, ensuring a positive welcome to your abode.

Vastu Tips#2 Balance with Symmetry:

  • The second important principle is about symmetry in your home to create equilibrium. Thereby, allowing energy to flow smoothly. The apartments constructed by Ridhi Sidhi Group incorporate symmetrical design elements. So, promoting a sense of harmony and balance within the living spaces.

Vastu Tips #3 Colours and Vastu:

  • Colours are not just for decor, they play a significant role in influencing the energy within a space. Soothing and light colours like white, light blue and pastels attract positive energy. Therefore, select colour schemes for aesthetic appeal and align with Vastu principles to promote positivity.

Vastu Tips #4 Positive Vibes with Plants:

  • Indoor plants are powerful tools for inviting positive energy. Also, Vastu recommends placing money plants and bamboo inside the home to create a positive ambience. Moreover, plants purify the air and enhance the healthy vibes, So, maximise the balconies to connect with nature effortlessly.

Vastu Tips #5 Optimal Furniture Placement:

  • Furniture also can significantly impact the flow of energy in your home. So, you must take care to ensure that furniture arrangement allows for easy movement. Therefore, pay attention to the layout of rooms. Examine and try out different ways to have ample space for the free flow of positive energy.

Vastu Tips #6 Mirrors for Prosperity:

  • Vastu tips suggest the placement of mirrors strategically to amplify positive vibrations. Therefore, placing mirrors in the north or east direction can attract wealth and prosperity. Also, incorporating well-placed mirrors in common areas increases the flow of positive energy throughout your home.

Vastu Tips #7 Sacred Spaces:

  • Designate a meditation or sacred space within your home. According to Vastu having a puja room in the northeast direction is great for connection with higher energies. Therefore,  incorporating a small space for spiritual practices creates a positive sanctuary within homes.

Vastu Tips #8 Proper Lighting:

  • Lighting is not just a functional element, lighting is crucial for a positive atmosphere. Also, lighting from natural sources is best so, ensure that your home has ample windows to allow sunlight to flood in. Look for properties with large windows and open spaces. Thus, maximising natural light and creating a vibrant and positive environment.

Vastu Tips #9 Eliminate Clutter:

  • Clutter invites negativity and impedes growth. Therefore Vastu experts suggest decluttering your living spaces to maintain a clean and organised home. Consider exploring homes that provide ample storage solutions and smart layouts for clutter-free homes in line with Vastu principles.

Vastu Tips #10 Water Features:

  • Water has a crucial role to play in creating harmony. Also, it is considered a symbol of wealth and abundance in Vastu Shastra. Therefore, believers of Vastu principles often place a water feature, like a fountain or fish tank, in the north or northeast direction. Hence, including a water feature can attract positive energy and prosperity. Almost all apartment complexes built by Ridhi Sidhi Group integrate water features into communal areas, for positive vibes.

Inviting Positive Energy through Decor Ideas

Creating a positive and harmonious atmosphere at home also includes how you decorate and maintain your living space. Get simple and practical Vastu tips to infuse positive energy into your home:

Embrace Fresh Air and Sunlight:

  • Make it a practice to keep windows open in the morning to let in fresh air and sunlight.

Illuminate Dark Corners:

  • Use artificial lights to brighten dark corners in your home. Positive vibes come from well-lit rooms.

Aquariums for Prosperity:

  • It is best to place aquariums in the northeast direction, as moving water is considered auspicious in Vastu principles.

Watch Out for Door Obstacles:

  • Remove trees or pillars directly facing your main door, known. Also, discard dead plants from the entrance to maintain positive energy flow.

Maintain Bathroom Hygiene:

  • Always close the bathroom door and the toilet lid down when not in use. Repair leaking taps, and use pleasant fresheners for a positive bathroom environment.

Kitchen and Medicine Placement:

  • Never keep medicines in the kitchen. Keep the area organised to promote positive energy.

Disconnect Electronics:

  • Switching off all electronic and Wi-Fi systems while resting is believed to promote well-being.

Positive Pictures Only:

  • Keep pictures depicting war, loneliness, or poverty away. Put up calm images of nature to generate positive energy.

Aromatherapy for Positivity:

  • Lighting an earthen lamp, or camphor, and spraying soothing fragrances like sandalwood gives positive vibes. 

Bay Leaves Cleansing:

  • Vastu experts suggest burning bay leaves in a pot to cleanse the house of negative energy.

Wind Chimes and Soothing Sounds:

  • You can also bring in positivity by hanging wind chimes or bells near the main entrance and attracting prosperity. 

Laughing Buddha Placement:

  • If you have a Laughing Buddha statue, place it east of your main door or the northwest if the entrance faces the northeast. Also, place wooden tortoises in the east or southeast corner for positive energy.

Organized Bed for Positive Flow:

  • Your bedroom should be a relaxing place and exude good vibes, So, keep your bed well-organised for a positive flow of energy.


Incorporating Vastu principles into your home is a powerful way to invite positive energy, creating a living space that resonates with harmony and prosperity. Ridhi Sidhi Real Estate Builders understands the significance of Vastu Shastra in enhancing the well-being of residents. By choosing a property crafted by Ridhi Sidhi Group, you not only invest in a home but also in a lifestyle that aligns with the ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra. Incorporating these Vastu tips transforms your living space for a prosperous life. Contact Ridhi Sidhi Group today to discover and experience the transformative power of Vastu tips. Contact us today for positive living.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information about Vastu Shastra, the traditional Indian system of architecture and design. The 10 tips presented here are intended for educational purposes only and are not professional recommendations. Vastu principles can be complex, and every property is unique. 

Proper application of Vastu requires an evaluation by a trained Vastu consultant. While these tips may give you basic starting points, they should not be substituted for the personalised guidance of an expert. For accurate recommendations customised to your property’s specific needs, please consult a qualified Vastu practitioner before making any significant changes or renovations.